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Nepal earthquake - health volunteers required
Nepal Earthquake – health volunteers urgently needed

Following the catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal on 25 April and 12 May, VSO needs paediatricians, obstetricians / gynaecologists and nutritionists to support the rebuilding of Nepal. Find out more

Sharing skills and saving lives

VSO volunteer Chris Jary, a UK doctor, worked in a severely under-resourced district hospital in Masindi, Uganda. It is meant to have 11 doctors (including Chris) – but it had just four - serving a population of around 500,000 people - some of whom live up to 80 miles away.

About VSO

VSO is an international development charity. Our volunteers work with local organisations that serve poor people. They help give children a future through education. They improve the standards of care in hospitals. They train poor people in the skills they need to earn a living. Our volunteers do whatever needs to be done to break down the barriers that trap people in poverty.

Local partnerships

Our volunteers work with over 1,000 organisations in the developing world – from community groups to governments. Read about our local partners

Working with businesses

VSO has something unique to offer you as a corporate partner. Because with our 50 years of development experience, you can proudly claim to be part of a long-term responsible solution that’s changing people’s lives around the world.

Find out how VSO's corporate partners, including Kraft and Accenture, benefit from partnering with us.

Could employee volunteering or employee fundraising benefit your business too?